Corporate / Business Photography Rates

Corporate Head Shots  $200 / hour 

Trying to showcase your employees in their work environment or need some high quality head shots in front of a backdrop?  I will come to your business and conduct portrait sessions in your office, store, or in a portable studio setup. There is no limit to the number of people for this rate. This rate is a 1-hour minimum for outdoor setting, 2-hour minimum for the on-site setup or indoor setting.


Corporate Event  $150 / hr 

Are you hosting a company party, group photo, seminar or product launch you want to document for your website or social media?  This rate is a 2-hour minimum, with coverage up to 8 hours per day. 


Product / Work Space Photography  $150 / hour  

Do you have physical products, interior work space or services that need sharp images for print, a website, or social media?  This rate is a 2-hour minimum, which includes on-site setup time. Editing time for images will charged at $75 per hour. 


Photo Editing (supplied images)  $75 / hour

I am an experienced photography editor who would love to take your images to the next level.  If you have images you or a photographer has shot in the past or in the future that you need color-corrected, formatted, or altered in any way I can provide this service. Minimum 1-hour charge.  Quick turnaround time.



Non-profit & Charity  

We are all in this world together and if you are hosting a non-profit or community event and need it documented, I can be there to show off your cause.  Please contact me for more information and I hope to help you showcase your efforts to the world.

Travel (30 miles from Middlesex County, Massachusetts) $25

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